Social Media Strategy and Operational Planning

Social Media Strategy

Think of the fact that everybody has a phone and can make a phone call, but not everybody with a phone can perform telemarketing duties. This can be applied to social media operations/marketing.
For effective social media operational results, a detailed strategy is typically required for desired results.
We specialize in formulating social media strategies that factor in several variables for implementation. Frequency of communication, time of communication, types of communication, content of communication and other pertinent variables are important to achieving your organizational goals.
Whether it’s a campaign to launch a new product or service, raise awareness or operationalizing social media for your business, BizCrown Media will assist in achieving your goals.

Our Strategy Sessions have helped businesses grow their online presence right away! Here are some of the outcomes of our renowned sessions. 
  • A social media strategy that you can use right away to accomplish your business goals and generate ROI
  • An idea of what social media platforms are most effective for your business
  • An idea of what your main sources of business are and how you can market to them using social media
  • A content strategy that enables you to post content that is relevant and goals driven
  • A contacts strategy to help you grow your audience, fans, followers and customers
  • A consistency strategy that enables you to have a structured and effective post schedule

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