2020 Content Marketing Trends & Tips

It’s all about content even more in 2020! ? ?????!!!

Here are some content tips/trends for 2020 with stats to back them up ?. Dr. Mayo covers great info on video?, voice search?, augmented reality? and conversational and personalized? marketing.

These are buzzing in digital marketing going into 2020 and it’s because they are bringing in results. This is much needed information for marketers, business owners and managers. This is also great information if you’re looking to start your own business and you’ll learn a lot from reading and researching these trends. There are definitely more but these stand out currently and are delivering results.

Not to do away with 2019’s content marketing trends completely, many are still relevant even if not mentioned here. Remember digital marketing continuously evolves but some strategies stick around or have proven to work well with some industries over time.

Are there any trends that are working wonders for your business and bringing in great results? Please share, so our readers can know of them.

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