Instagram Beauty, Makeup and Cosmetics Guide

Instagram Makeup Marketing Tutorial Guide

Grow your Beauty Brand! Download the Instagram Beauty, Makeup and Cosmetics Guide for just $3.99

This cheat sheet guide is beneficial for those looking to grow their makeup business through Instagram and those looking to target makeup users, makeup enthusiasts, makeup artists and professionals.

If you have questions like how to become a makeup artist on Instagram, how to start a beauty blog and business on Instagram or how to do marketing, makeup tutorials and videos on Instagram, this Instagram marketing guide and webinar is for you!

This Guide provides: 

  1. Tips to learn from major makeup accounts and links to their Instagram profiles so you can see how they post and engage while having access to their followers through their profiles!  
  2. Hashtags commonly used in the makeup niche for those looking to use hashtags to grow awareness and get discovered
  3. Basic targeting ad sets templates for boosting ads! You can create ads with these targeting sets to reach make up users or professionals.
  4. A Webinar to walk you through the guide (Watch a Snippet of the Webinar Video)