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If you are looking to grow your business awareness on social media, follow these evergreen tips!



Hate to break it to you but, your social media accounts aren’t just about you.

They’re mostly about your tribe which consists of your viewers, customers and clients. The reason why a person follows you is because they want something that will benefit them, not you. So it’s important to engage with your tribe and provide them with content that is engaging for them to purchase your services or products when needed.

This sounds harsh but it’s the truth and it’s why so many companies aren’t achieving their business goals using social media. When it comes to social media, the most engaging content is content that will have your audience connecting to your brand, be it inspirational, educational, or humorous.

Here are some basic tactics to be more engaging with your viewers on social media:

  • Reply to comments and have conversations
  • Conduct polls and surveys
  • Offer incentives for shares, or newsletter sign ups


Social media is all about trends so if you aren’t staying on top of them, you could be missing out on reaching your business goals through social media. Whether that is hashtags, events, slang, apps and more, capitalizing on trends in social media posts can increase your business awareness significantly.

You don’t have to know every single trend but keep up to date with the topics and hashtags that have to deal with what you and your audience care about. This way, you can be a source and/or voice for whatever current trend is in vogue. Keeping up with new social media platforms or apps that might benefit your business is very important. Pioneers of social media platforms and applications often gain the most by being early adapters.

“Growing your business through online channels is becoming the order of the day”


The more meaningful the content you share on social media is to your brand, the better. The biggest thing here is to practice what you post – don’t just share something to share something. When sharing updates on social media, be sure to share what’s relevant to your brand, industry, or business.  If you are in the fitness industry but constantly share updates on how great the fast food industry is, it could be somewhat contradicting to your brand and therefore confusing to your viewers.  Many Businesses that stay true to their brand are able to foster better relationships with their tribe and ultimately gain social media awareness.


The more you post, the better your chances for engagement. Consistency is one of the most important, if not the most important factors in social media. Post, post, post!   Posts are what bring about engagement and there shouldn’t be expectations for engagement without a consistent post strategy. Social media is the fastest way to communicate with your audience in this day and age. Consumers are glued to smartphones and devices with a huge appetite for content consumption. Business owners and marketers should consider communicating constantly to their audience to increase engagement. Awareness of that will help achieve business goals.

For more tips, check out our article on 5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Social Media as a Business Tool. You can also view the 3 basic components of a social media strategy here to get you going.

In conclusion, it’s clear you can grow your business awareness on social media. Growing your business through online channels is the order of the day. The digital revolution has given all businesses of shapes and sizes the opportunity to engage their customers and clients through online avenues like social media and using it to your advantage could be the key to achieving business goals.  Are you using social media to grow your business’s awareness? Feel free to share with us how you use it to engage with your customers and clients.

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