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The top social media platforms have business suites or advertising platforms businesses can access for more business related information and advertising.

With business access, you typically have views to enhanced analytics and features you typically don’t have access to in a personal account.

Below is some information on creating or accessing business accounts on well known  social media platforms. Directly access links to business suites and advertising portals to use features specifically designed to make your business successful.

Social Media Business and Advertising Portals 

Facebook and Instagram Business Portal – Access Facebook and Instagram business accounts and Facebook Business Suite. Post on Instagram and Facebook using the desktop/laptop and schedule Posts and Stories. View detailed analytics and create ads. 

LinkedIn Business Page -Create a Linkedin business page and post as a business, interact with other employees, post sales, services and products. Create Stories, view analytics, create ads. 

Pinterest Business Portal – Sign up and access your Pinterest business portal. Create Pins and Stories, view analytics, create ads. 

LinkedIn Business Page – Log in to create a business page. Interact and collaborate with co-workers, post articles, create Stories, view analytics, create ads

Twitter Business Page – Create a regular Twitter profile and add in your business information. Post Tweets, Threads, Stories, view analytics, create ads

TikTok – Sign up for a regular account and follow these instructions – Tap the three () dots on your screen – Tap Manage Account – Tap Switch to Pro Account for Business. The Pro Account lets you gain better insights into how content is performing. For non-pro accounts, all you have are views, shares and comments. Post and schedule videos for content and create ads.

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