Map Listing Optimization


Customers use search engines to find local businesses and services, so it is important for a business to ensure they are listed in the local maps that are ranking well in popular search engines like Bing or Google. These maps are used by local residents or visitors to find businesses services and products within a local town.

Our listing service updates your Google My Business listing weekly with updates about your business, so local consumers can find you based on information about your services and products. Google My Business profiles appear in the local “3 pack area” and Google results and by using our services, you can increase your visibility on your local map. 

Many businesses do not have the staff, time or experience to perform weekly updates that require digital marketing expertise for results. The BizCrown Media team is available to assist. We optimize several listings for businesses and are set to assist you with your Google and Bing map listing optimization to increase your local visibility on the search engines. Paired with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, you can extend your digital reach even further to convert consumers into loyal customers.

Watch the tutorial video below on how Google My Business works alongside map listing optimization. Contact us to learn how we can assist and request a quote today to get started.