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Times are changing… is your brand? The mobile experience is what it is about! Are you using your social media in a way that is positive when it comes to your marketing strategies?

This year’s Black Friday will go down as a tipping point in which mobile shopping began to dominate.

Phones accounted for 60 percent of traffic to retail websites, up from 53 percent last year, according to data compiled by Salesforce.

Shoppers completed 42 percent of their orders on phones, up from 34 percent a year ago.

It was the first Black Friday in which desktop computers accounted for fewer than half — 49 percent — of online orders.
This emphasizes why all types of brands and businesses need to get familiar with marketing themselves online and providing a user-friendly experience in the process.

Convenience is becoming a huge part of the shopping experience and mobile phones are the gateway into this.

That’s why social media will continue to also be key to marketing strategies of organizations that are in it for the long haul says Dr. Mayo Adegbuyi. There are several examples of big brands that never adapted to online ways of doing things that are no longer in business.

While social media is not a mall, it’s an outlet to engage consumers and inform them about the bells and whistles of your offerings. Adapting to social media helps with your online marketing strategy and keeps you in contact with your consumers.