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Welcome to the fourth quarter, a time when the holidays draw near and the year comes to a close. As the seasons change, so do spending habits, impacting all of us, whether we are businesses, employers, or employees. Yet, fear not! This strategic period presents an excellent opportunity to maximize your digital marketing efforts. You may be wondering, how can digital marketing benefit my business during the fourth quarter, regardless of its unique dynamics. It’s important to plan ahead, as this quarter can be challenging, often revealing unexpected realities that make you pause and reflect. Don’t want to read, watch the video:

During my first year launching BizCrown Media, I noticed a familiar atmosphere. Everyone was in high spirits, relaxed, and enjoying the festive season. The focus wasn’t on business or work, but rather on spending quality time with loved ones, shopping, and having a good time. As Halloween passed, work continued, but once Thanksgiving arrived, it was time to wrap things up until the Times Square ball dropped. However, depending on your business and offerings, you may experience either a very busy period or a relatively slower one compared to the rest of the year. While there may be some exceptions, this is generally how it goes. So, the question remains…s

Is this upcoming season going to be bustling enough, considering it’s the anticipated busy period? And if it’s not the expected busy season, what digital marketing strategies are you employing to captivate and engage more customers in the lead-up to the anticipated busy period?

Busy Season 

If this is your busy season, it’s time to be more competitive. Most competition now is online because of the nature and convenience of how we search for our specific wants and needs. We typically go online to do our research first on what to buy. So it’s very helpful for you to be very competitive online or you are somewhat missing out. The thing is if you’re not as competitive, you’re risking a lot in these times. It’s as if you aren’t where the majority of questions and inquiries about your products or services are happening which simply means you are missing in the conversation. This is a good time to get busy by sending email campaigns, posting consistently on social media about the benefits of your products or services, and more. The more creative and compelling content you can put out using videos, images, or written text, the more your chances increase of reaching your target audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (Ads) are also important at this time of the year. Using the right keywords makes it possible to run campaigns targeting the exact right terms for good results.  If online transactions for example are surpassing physical ones during the holidays, this lets you know what you might be missing out on.

Non-Busy Season 

During the anticipated non-busy season, don’t just relax and take it easy. This is the perfect opportunity to captivate and engage your audience, building a following that eagerly awaits your offerings. It’s a time to accumulate what I like to call “Virtual Capital,” which you will reap when your busy season arrives. In the realm of digital marketing, there are no dull moments these days.

Now is the perfect opportunity to rebuild your email list by adding any new business cards you’ve recently received and launching fresh campaigns. Additionally, take advantage of this time to promote the benefits of your products or services, ensuring that your target audience understands why they need you when your busy season arrives.

Consider shifting your focus to SEO while temporarily reducing your SEM budget, as you’re aware that searches for your offerings are currently lower. Remember, there are numerous ways to enhance your total ROI, whether it’s during your busy or non-busy season. It’s crucial to capitalize on the big picture while also paying attention to the finer details.

Keep in mind that the more activity and content you generate, the greater the potential rewards for your business. An article or blog post may not immediately lead to a phone call, but it could result in ten sales over the next decade or a speaking engagement that connects you with new clients.

Adopt this mindset when contemplating digital marketing. Not only should this knowledge make you more aware, but it should also ignite excitement about the possibilities that await you throughout the year, provided you maintain a consistent focus on your digital marketing strategies.

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