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It’s surprising in today’s world, a lot of people still don’t have digital marketing strategies to have a sound digital marketing ecosystem ?. However, when it comes to marketing your business, you definitely need one! If you have a business, a brand or are thinking about starting one, consider creating an efficient marketing strategy for yours. Dr. Mayo Adegbuyi with Bizcrown Media delivers some great information about developing a digital marketing ecosystem for your business in this video and with a good marketing strategy you can achieve that.

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You should have a website for your business as it will basically pose as the home for your operation and where conversions happen. In addition, not just any website will do as you will want it to be good looking and equally functional. Don’t have a website that appears as a Lamborghini with great looks, but has a Toyota engine. Your website’s functions and aesthetics should match. Imagine seeing a store with a beautiful looking sign and building that draws you in, however bad customer service, bad signage and disarray in the store would likely lead to a disappointing experience. A great functioning website that is optimized for your industry’s services/products and locations will make a significant difference.


Social Media

Once you have a spectacular website, it’s time to showcase it among all of your social media platforms! Increasingly, a good amount of our time is spent on social media, so it’s important that you are using all digital platforms, from Facebook, Instagram and more as your business and brand need to have a presence on social media. Social media and other digital platforms then become the vehicle that transports visitors and customers to your businesses virtual home, which is your website. 


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the greatest converting channels! Email marketing provides you with the opportunity to stay in touch with your audience, provide them with updates about your business, highlight any deals you may be presenting and overall showcase what you have to offer. In addition, try posting videos whether they are highlighted in your emails or posted on your social media platforms, as 80% of the clients we meet say they are more likely to watch videos than read content.

Content marketing

If you are on every social media platform, and utilizing email marketing, know that you won’t reap any substantial benefits if your content isn’t up to par.  We can’t stress enough how important it is to post great content is! You shouldn’t post blurry photos or videos, as it can have subpar reflections on you and your business, making it seem as though you don’t have it all together.  Posting bad content can be worse than posting no content at all for an established business. Business is to be taken seriously if you are looking for great results, so be sure to make yourself aware of 5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Social Media as a Business Tool, to ensure that your marketing is on point.

Finally, you will want to work on using a Customer Relationship Management System, which is how you nurture your audience through marketing. With a CRM system, you can constantly reach those who need particular things at particular times by segmenting your audience, thus allowing you to create an ecosystem for your marketing, which basically ties it all together.

Overall, get settled on the fact that you need a digital marketing strategy for your business, without one, you are basically like a car driving in the dark without headlights, which certainly isn’t ideal! This will guide you as to how to go about creating content and getting all the right components needed for an effective digital marketing ecosystem. If you are ready to create a success driven strategy for your business learn more about creating a digital marketing strategy or contact a digital marketing strategist like us. If you need assistance, take a moment to get in touch with us here at BizCrown Media, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to assist you with our results driven strategies.