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Assessing your touchpoints and how they affect your business your brand and marketing success is important.

Touchpoints are a series of interactions with customers throughout the customer journey. We get bombarded with so much information and marketing touchpoints are important to reinforce our brand and messaging every time we interact or come in contact with prospective or current customers or clients. Watch the video were Dr. Mayo dives a deeper.

A combination of different types of digital and physical marketing strategies and tools are typically needed for effective touchpoints. If you are confused about which is better, whether digital or physical marketing, view here to get a better understanding of how they’d work in tandem.

Have a basic understanding of how marketing touchpoints work and what you can expect from them? Awesome, now check out how to recycle content for your touchpoints, so you don’t always have to create new content. This is for the best use of your time and resources, to help you increase your exposure and awareness.

Many businesses and brands have established different channels to help them stay in front of their customers in positive ways. Remaining relevant throughout the customer journey creates the opportunity for people to choose you over your competitor. If you are one of those brands that have reaped a ton of success from your different marketing avenues, feel free to share how they have impacted your business results.

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