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Dr. Mayo covers the importance of understanding digital marketing before jumping in.

Many professionals or businesses often embark on Internet marketing endeavors without a solid grasp of its inner workings and realistic expectations. It is crucial to develop a good level of understanding before diving in. Without a foundation of knowledge, there is a risk of setting incorrect expectations, ultimately leading to disparate outcomes. 

To ensure success, it is recommended to conduct extensive research on how Internet marketing works effectively within your specific industry and target location. Understanding your customers and establishing effective communication channels with them are also instrumental in preparing for this journey. Investing time in these initial steps will pave the way for a more informed and strategic approach to Internet marketing, enhancing the likelihood of favorable outcomes and growth in your business.

Have a basic understanding of how online marketing works and what you can expect from it? Awesome, check out how to set up a Digital Marketing Ecosystem so you have a sound proactive and reactive marketing setup to help you increase your exposure and awareness. 

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