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Content consumption soared online during the pandemic and it will be interesting to see how things change as normalcy sets in. The appetite for online content consumption set many companies in motion to enhance their online platforms to not just draw in people, but keep them engaged as long as possible. Something has however also changed recently, our attention spans. Studies have shown our attention spans have been narrowing due to the increasing amount of online information we have available to us. However, marketers are evolving with new content strategies to meet those demands, fostering a digital ecosystem to meet the needs of consumers with shortened attention spans. That leads us to how content marketing has now taken a turn to focus on two types of content:  


Can be described as long form content that takes more resources to produce: Examples are videos, podcasts, white papers, blogs 


Can be described as short form content that can be consumed in 10 to 30 seconds or less. Examples are Short video clips, memes, infographics, abstracts, gifs, stories

As a business, covering your basis with both types of content is becoming essential. The reality is your clients and customers are familiar with and driven by these types of content. The pandemic ushered in a wave of new learning of tools online. People who weren’t even aware of Zoom a year ago now host parties and meetings on it. You receive memes from people you didn’t expect would ever send one, and businesses are utilizing TikTok clips and Instagram Stories more frequently in their advertising.

This again adds to the marketers plate you’d say and while it does, it also helps with efficiency if you know how to create and manipulate your content to meet the needs of your consumers. An efficient and productive way to go about this would be to create a pillar of content that can then be broken down into a plethora of macro and micro content.

Macro and Micro Content Strategy and Implementation

You can shoot a 30 minute video talking about benefits and break it down into:

  • 6 major videos at 5 minutes each
  • A blog article with well over 500 words
  • A podcast when converted into an audio file
  • Social media posts
  • Lists that can be turned into infographics, illustrations etc
  • Many short clips
  • Memes and much more

There’s much out there about converting macro content into many micro ones. You can however do that in reverse as well, by merging various micro content into a macro one. If you’ve created different types of content on a topic, you can merge all of them into a macro content. Let’s say you’ve covered different topics on Facebook for marketing, like optimization, advertising, hashtags, etc. You can create an E- book on Facebook marketing using these covered topics as your chapters

In conclusion, devoting a few hours to creating pillars of content that can be used for quite a while in many various forms of content should be helpful. You’ll be implementing a marketing strategy that should easily resonate with those it reaches. You’ll also be satisfying a wide audience by providing content in forms they prefer by doing long (macro) and short (micro) form content. The best thing you can provide for your marketing team is pillars of content for them to break down into several magical marketing moments and for all types of marketing touch-points.

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