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Some of the most asked questions in social media marketing is how to post on each social media platform. With a good strategy you can post the same message on different channels, since different platforms tend to have their varying audiences. Every now and then you can however post different messages to target different channels.

Keep in mind, each social media platform offers different benefits and some may generally work better for some industries more than the other. There is however opportunity to make the most out of as many platforms that your resources can handle.  Many channels offer your more opportunities to expand your brand’s message. If you are looking to have a better understanding on which social media platforms or how many you should be on, check out this information and video.

Dr Mayo breaks it down so you can have a better understanding of how the platforms work when planning your marketing posts.

If you don’t have the time to post on as many platforms as you’d want for your business, we can assist with one of our social media plans. Contact Us today to learn how we assist other businesses.

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