Customer Loyalty Through Social Media

Loyal Customers Through Social Media

You’ve created your brand and have integrated it throughout all your social media pages. Now what?

It’s time to nurture some customer loyalty! Having a relationship is a true route to loyalty one could say. Interacting with customers can be instrumental to the success of your operation and social media outlets afford business owners the opportunity to do it comfortably. Sharing information on your businesses capabilities, specials, new products and more can be effectively done through social media. Remember a follower, friend or any form of connection you have on your social media is already in your corner. This serves as prime real estate to communicate with them.

Customers use their personal device, (phone, tablet or pc) to log in to their social media accounts and because they have liked or followed you, they often get to see what you have posted. That’s quite powerful in a sense! Fostering a community around your business enables you to have loyal customers who feel they are involved with your business and possibly appreciate you more. Depending on how you communicate with them, whether it’s giving them tips, showing them videos about your product, sharing personal causes, you can create a loyal community which become and remain loyal customers.

Social Media additionally offers you the option of having “loyal referrals”, through current or potential customers. Living next to a glass shop you drive pass every day, gives you the awareness of it being there. If someone asks if you aware of any glass shop around, there is a tendency to remember and mention the one you see on your daily commute, due to constantly seeing it. Guess what? You just referred a business you haven’t patronized yet. The same concept can be applied to Social Media. It’s a step further than driving pass, because you typically only see the exterior of the business when you drive by.

Social Media offers you the interior view of the business as you get to see more about the business through posts. Daily posts of your product/service can impress someone who hasn’t yet patronized you, but has grown to know and appreciate your business more, by viewing your posts, liking you or following you. This person then ends up a being a “loyal referral” who can send loyal customers your way

How to gain loyalty

The question then becomes, how do I attract loyal customers or loyal referrals through Social Media? It goes back to the fundamentals of social media….. content, content, content. The more meaningful the content is to your brand and more helpful or intriguing it is to your customer, the better. Even if the content isn’t shared or liked, it is seen and that is mostly important, because “not liking”, does not mean “not remembering”.

Constantly posting relevant information about your business offerings, industry changes affecting your business, helpful tips, causes and more help attract people to your content through Social Media. Hashtags also help draw people to your content and they can end up being loyal customers or referrals.

So next time you are posting content on your social media or digital sharing platform/community, remember the potential for it to reach people who are not necessarily in your customer pool of fans, followers etc. There is no limit to the reach of digital content, as anyone with a connected device can potentially see your post and connect with you. So with that in mind, keep posting and increasing your potential to gain loyal customers and loyal referrals through social media.