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Facebook Campaign Planner is a standalone tool for marketers to draft, compare and share marketing campaigns using reach and frequency buying on both Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook’s new Campaign Planner is available with access to a Business Manager account. If you can’t find it under your Ads Manager tab, you most likely don’t have access to it. Watch the video below for an overview.

You can create multiple plans and then choose the one that appears to be the most effective. Choose different settings in each plan, and get their traffic price forecasts. Save the reach and frequency forecasts to have access to them anytime. You can also share the plan with members of your team in various formats so they can act on it. You can for example share a plan with the cost and allow certain team members to purchase it.

This brief overview covers how to set up campaigns in the Facebook Campaign Planner right away. You can also get a quick overview here on using social media analytics for marketing.

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